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change moderators?

after the last post, someone brought up a good post. the original maintainer deleted his lj and now we're left with nothing. does anyone know how we might be able to switch maintainers? or better yet, what does everyone think of starting a brand new community?

I can always post goodies to lure people in, mwhahahaha.
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How badly do we need a moderator? we could as a group just have a monthly meeting to discuss the community. Like a communist affair.
I like to rule with an iron fist...err I mean no.
The trouble is that without an official maintainer, nobody can delete junk entries or ban trolls.

Here is LJ's FAQ dealing with this question. Your choices are basically (1) create a new community or (2) get in touch with LJ Abuse and if certain conditions are met, they'll make someone else a maintainer. We meet those conditions, buuuut I don't think we need to get involved with LJ officials.

I think we should just start a new community. The new maintainer can invite everyone from this one, but only people who will be active members will respond.
Sounds good to me.
good idea
me too...
Lets do it - What should we call the new community?
excellent post! thanks for the info :)

i agree