Joel Chriznek (tears4therandom) wrote in smileysmile,
Joel Chriznek

Sound collage

Okay, so this time I was playing with backmasking and sampling and all kinds of fun things, and I merged two (actually three) things that probably (okay, definitely) don't belong together.

Before I tell you what the three songs are, try and guess them.

Okay, so if you guessed one, i'm pleased. Two, I'm impressed. All three? You're my soul mate. Marry me.

The most obvious: "Caroline, No" - it's the most forward of the tracks. And Brian's pretty recognizable, even backwards.

The fairly clear: "Country Air" - The whistling should have helped.

The obscure: "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Yes, from Twin Peaks. That's the backbone of the thing.

Well, I thought the whole mess sounded okay, if not a bit like a bad trip. Thank the Jesus for echoes and backmasking. In any case, I'd appreciate opinions again : )
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