Joel Chriznek (tears4therandom) wrote in smileysmile,
Joel Chriznek

please don't tell me if it's true

Okay, about a year and four months ago I posted a straight, tribute cover of part of Getcha Back. You remember, don't you?

If you don't happen to remember, it was pretty much directly parroted. I was proud of it, but anyway.

Now, for my next album, which I'm almost halfway through creating, I've recorded a cover of 'I'll Bet He's Nice' from Love You. It's not a straight cover; it's electro-groovy, But not electro-camp like the matchless original.

Anyway, now that I'm doing this in my own style, I'd appreciate any comments or constructive criticism anyone has. I'm at a loss for covering the beach boys, and my personal style is fairly dense, but not anywhere near as dense or rich as Brian's. Even in the throes of cocaine and mental instability.

So it's laid back, and there's not really any vocal harmony. Which is blasphemous. But tell me what you think anyway? : )

I'll Bet He's Nice <-- right click and download.
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